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廖家豪 Carlo Lio


沉 / Profound

〈石炁〉系列中的「炁」即為「氣」的古義字,源於道家典籍中「人本炁 與形之結合」一說當中。這系列作品是以東方香道文化為基礎,探尋着石雕與 煙之間的關係,於日常焚香觀煙這個過程中,以煙的軌跡作為參照,以複合的石雕技法,雕刻出 「煙的軌跡」,交織於自然界的極輕與極重、如如不動與瞬息萬變之間。
This series of works is based on the Eastern incense culture and explores the relationship between stone sculptures and Incense. In the daily process of burning incense and observing Incense, the trajectory of Incense is used as a reference, and the "trajectory of Incense" is carved using composite stone carving techniques. , intertwined between the extreme lightness and extreme weight, the stillness and the ever-changing in nature.

沉 / Profound

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